Learning stages

The world is not as advanced as the Time Traveller had hoped. The Time Traveller thought technology and science would continue to advance into the far future however, it has become clear that all the technological advancements made were pointless. This is shown when the Time Traveller make the observation of the Eloi when he first meets them, “They struck me as being very beautiful and graceful creatures, but indescribably frail.”  This tells us that the creatures in the future are weak and fragile due to technology. These creatures had evolved from the rich, upper class who had pushed the working class down and became dependant on technology to survive. Wells is telling us to appreciate those who work as they are the ones who prop the upper class into their positions of power. The pyramidal class system will become nothing, and this is scarily evident today as cuts are being made to support systems for the poor, so the rich people can become even richer, leading to detrimental social divides.